What is database management system?
What are advantages of Database management system?
What are different kind of Database management system?
What is relational database?
What is ER modal?

Relational database terms

Keys in relational database
What is primary , candidate , super key ?
What is foreign key?
Difference between foreign key and primary key
What is referential integrity?
Cardinality in sql
What is view?
What are the different data integrities ?

Data storage , manipulation and querying

Explain different types of languages
What is relational algebra , tuple calculus and sql?
Power of relational algebra , tuple calculus and sql
Difference between where and having clause
What is Cartesian product?
Find nth highest salary
Find maximum without using max
What is join?
Difference between natural join and outer join
Database query:  level-1
Database query:  level-2

Database Normalization

First normal form(1NF)
Second normal form(2NF)
Third normal Form(3NF)
Boyce–Codd normal form (or BCNF or 3.5NF)

Performance tuning

What is indexes in database?
Types of indexes?
Explain different ways for performance tuning.

Transaction management

What is concurrency control?
What are the ACID rules?
Explain different concurrency control mechanism?
What is deadlock and starvation?
Remedies to deadlock?
What is serializability ?
What is recoverability ?


What are different database attacks , you know?
What is sql injection?